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Issues with an Evaluation Service 

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Posted On: 5/1/2019
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Hello Group members,

I applied to evaluate my educational credentials with WES canada and submitted documents in Sep 2018.I have master degree under open university scheme, thus I do not have bachelors degree. WES Canada asking for bachelor degree certificate to start evaluation. I explained that my masters is under open university scheme so it does not require a bachelors, I do not have one. In fact I submitted a letter from University stating that my Master degree is under open university scheme.

Needless to WES canada wasting my time and money repeatedly asking for bachelors degree. I cant contact them over email or phone, just replying on their portal. For each message they take around week to 10 days to respond and reply is same. I fed up with their lethargic, idiotic way of working. I want to lodge a complaint to authorities to fix WES canada.

Can anybody help me in this situation? Thanks in advance
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Posted On: 6/30/2019
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Thank you for sharing your situation and question with us.

We can appreciate that you would be concerned about this situation.

We have contacted WES and they have provided us with the process.

Here it is:

Pre-Application Process
  • Call your local agency serving immigrants and find out when a WES representative will deliver an info session and attend the info session to learn not only how to apply to WES , but also how to use your evaluation report effectively to gain recognition from employers, academic institutions and professional licensing bodies
  • Check WES website regularly to learn about upcoming WES Seminars for internationally educated individuals
  • Before purchasing an evaluation report, check Degree Equivalency Tool (free service) and learn about your Canadian academic equivalents at
Submitting Application for Evaluations
  • If you still have questions about the WES evaluation application submission, submit your questions at www.wes.or/ca/contact
  • The fees are based on the two types of evaluations WES provides: basic Document-by-Document ($115 Canadian) and detailed Course-by-Course ($210 Canadian). For the distinction between the two reports, visit WES website
  • ICAP service, which stores your verified academic transcripts, and send them to institutions at your request, costs an additional $35 per application.
  • Submission of incomplete or incorrect documentation is the main reason your evaluation report might be delayed; we urge you to review Required Documents for your country of education ( and submit all the required documents.

After Receiving Your Evaluation Report
  • WES is one of the very few evaluation services which has a “free” appeal process. For questions about your evaluation report, please write to (always state your WES Reference Number):

Manager Director of Evaluations
World Education Services
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON M5B 1J3
Fax: 416-972-9004
The WES contact center is open to answer calls and email messages from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Eastern) Monday through Friday. The center is closed on weekends.
All documents must be mailed to WES. WES does NOT accept documents delivered in person. No exceptions.
There is no walk-in service.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

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