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Uncertain Permanent Residency Status 

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Posted On: 16 days ago
Posts: 1
I am a British Citizen and been denied ETA because Canadian government say I was once a permanent resident.

This was over 30 years ago and I never had a PR card.

Have tried to renounce my PR status so I can apply for ETA but government website keeps asking for the document to be resubmitted.

Can't resubmit as that option is no longer electronically available on the website.

They seem to be asking for photos and my passport - which passport - GB passport?

Also say submit everything electronically - how do I submit passport electronically?

Have tried sending web enquiry but no reply.

Now in situation where I am not PR but cannot apply for ETA, what should I do?

Don't know how to phone to speak to a person instead of a website.