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Newborn OHIP - Residency- 153 of 183 days Question 

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Posted On: 7/15/2019
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Currently, the application form for newborn child at the hospital states that, the child must be present in Ontario for 153 days in the first 183 days. i.e the absence cannot be greater than 30 days in the first 183 days. While the legislation states 1.5 (1).(1) (iii), that the child is exempt.

Can you kindly provide comment ?

Excerpt taken from
Reg. 552: GENERAL

1.5 (1) The following requirements must be met for a person to be continued to be recognized as a resident:
1. The person must be in Ontario for at least 153 of the first 183 days after becoming a resident, except for,
i. a person who has moved to Ontario directly from another province or territory of Canada where he or she was insured under a publicly funded health care insurance plan,
ii. a mobile student or a mobile worker,
iii. a child to whom section 6 applies, or
iv. a person who is exempt from the waiting period under subsection 11 (2.1) of the Act.
2. Except for those persons listed in subsection 1.3 (2), the person must continue to maintain his or her primary place of residence in Ontario.
3. Subject to sections 1.6 to 1.14, the person must be physically present in Ontario for at least 153 days in any given 12-month period.
4. The person must continue to hold an eligible status as listed in section 1.4. However, in order to maintain their eligible status as a resident, a person referred to in paragraph 13 of section 1.4 must be legally entitled to remain in Canada and will only maintain their eligible status under that paragraph as long as reasonable efforts are being made for the person to obtain one of the other eligible statuses under section 1.4. O. Reg. 133/09, s. 2.
6. (1) A newborn, who, on the date of his or her birth, meets the requirements to be a resident is exempt from the three-month waiting period for the three months immediately following the date of birth.
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Posted On: 8/10/2019
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Thank you for pointing this out. Sharing the legislation information is useful.

We have been hearing about this type of inconsistent information regarding newborn babies and OHIP.

You can find some additional information on the website in the OHIP coverage - Who gets immediate coverage section.

Here is an excerpt,

Who gets immediate coverage

OHIP coverage starts immediately for:
  • babies born in Ontario who are Canadian citizens
  • some internationally adopted children under 16 who are adopted by Ontario residents
  • convention refugees and other protected persons as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
  • people who move from another Canadian province or territory into a long‑term care home in Ontario within the first three months of their arrival
  • military family members with accepted documentation

We hope this additional information is helpful.

Please let us know if you have further questions and if there is any follow up to your question/situation.

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