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Address, Employment,Travel for PR Card Renewal 

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Posted On: 10/15/2019
Posts: 2
I am trying to fill up the PR card renewal application form. I have some confusion regarding address, employment and travel history in the form.

My scenario is:
I have traveled to India 5 times in the last 5 years. and each of these trips was 30 days or more.

1) Do I enter the Indian address in question no: 19?

Now out of those 5 trips, two trips were more than two months longs. I was unemployed before, during and after these two trips. As I had quit my work and decided to take a vacation. Example of dates are as follow:
Quit the job and last day of work: 16-Oct-2015 / Victora / BC
Unemployed: 17-Oct-2015 to 31-Oct-2015 / Victoria / BC
Unemployed: 1-Nov-2015 to 11-Nov-2015 / Brampton / ON
Vacation: 11-Nov-2015 to 3-Feb-2016 / India
Unemployed: 3-Feb-2016 to 1-Aug-2016 / Brampton / ON

2) For work history do I need to create 4 separate entries in question no: 20? If not, then how should I incorporate this information?

When traveling to India, flights to India are long haul flights. and because of the time difference usually, the flights arrive the next day. And while returning back early morning (local Indian time) flights from India, usually reaches the same date here in Canada. I have the following scenario:

Departure Flight:
Victoria BC - 23 August 1:18 pm arrives in India on 25 August 3:00 am
Return flight:
India: 22 Sep 4:25 am arrives in Canada on 22 Sep 10:00 pm Victoria BC

When I enter a line in travel history in question no: 21
3) What date should I enter as "from" and "to" dates?
4) and If the answer to my first question is yes then how do I match the travel date with my address history dates?

5) If I need more space for any of these questions, should I print the page of the form again and continue filling the application? Can I add this information to a blank sheet of paper?
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Posted On: 10/21/2019
Posts: 31
Regarding the Work and education history, entries should reflect the change of city/country too exactly as you mentioned. Whenever an address changed, a new entry is needed ( You have options to add a blank sheet of paper for extra entries or more conveniently use another copy of the form itself)
Concerning the travel history, you do not have to worry about time difference. IRCC requires you to record the date you left Canada and the date you returned.
You can always be residing at an address on a certain day and be in other the following day or even move from a place to another the same day(Two addresses /the same day)
Hope that was helpful.