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Returning to Canada - PR card application 

Tobias Cardew
Tobias Cardew
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Posted On: 15 days ago
Tobias Cardew
Tobias Cardew
Posts: 1
Good Morning

We, (my family and I) are now able to return to living in Ontario from the Spring/Summer of 2020

National Status

I'm a British national married to a Canadian national with 2 Canadian national children.
Between 2006 > 2013 we lived in Ontario. I was issued a PR Card.
Between 2013 > present day we live in France.
In 2016 we returned to visit my wife's family in Ontario but I had to voluntarily give up my PR status in order to be issued a current ETA
so I could re-enter Canada.


My wife and I are both employed by a business I started in the UK in 1994.
Incorporated UK business in 1994 > present day
Incorporated Canadian business in 2005 > 2015 - Satellite Sales office and Product development studio, our sole client is the UK company
Incorporated French business in 2013 > present day - As above
In preparation for our return
Re-Incorporated Canadian business 2019 > present day - As above

Application for a PR card

I have subsequently learnt that I have to apply for a new PR card
Q: In order to arrive in Canada with the appropriate status. Can I complete and send my PR application now from France?
Q: If so, do I send my application to the Canadian Embassy in France or to Canada?
Q: What is the usual processing time?
Q: Is there a method to reduce the processing time?

Thanking you for your advice