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Any help is appreciated 

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Posted On: 8 days ago
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Hello Everyone,

This is Bamir. I need your advice about my current situation:

I became PR in June 2011 (Landed in Toronto) and I got my PR Card expiring in 2016. I spent 4 months in Canada and then went back to my home country to take care of my Mom who is diagnosed with a cruel disease called ALS. I stayed in my home country until my PR Card's expiry and then I applied for a PRTD on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds. The Embassy issued the PRTD after requesting some reports regarding my Mom's disease.

I re-entered Canada with this PRTD in October 2017 and applied for a new PR Card. It arrived in about a month and I came back to my home country right after receiving it. However, 2 months ago unfortunately I lost my Mom to ALS, she suffered from this extremely horribly cruel disease for years and passed away.

I am now planning to go back to Canada. My current PR Card's expiry is January 2023 and I wonder if it is ok for me to re-enter Canada with this PR Card. I still do not meet the residency obligation though.. But I was not able leave my Mom alone, only now I am free to move to Canada..

I will be coming there for a Masters degree at the University of Waterloo (and then hopefully I will continue my career there). To do so, I will leave my job here in my home country. It would be really problematic for me to leave my job here and get rejected in Canada and be forced to leave the country. So I really need your advice about this situation. Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks and have a very nice day.