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Canadian PR moving back to Canada on a PRTD 

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Posted On: 8 days ago
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Hello all,

I am an Citizen of India and currently working in the US. I am also a Canadian PR who has an approved multiple entry PRTD till April 2020. I have a job offer in Canada that I plan to accept. My family is in Canada already and they have PR status. Coming to Canada will allow me to live with them and keep my PR status in Canada. I have only 7 days to accept the offer.

Now, I am very confused and am unable to get these answers:

  • When do I file for renewing my PR card once I reach Canada? Do I renew before my PRTD expires or I wait for the 2 years before applying for the renewal.
  • Since my current PR card's expiry date has passed, can I accept a new job in Canada with an old PR card?
  • What kind of travel is less risky? By road on a private vehicle or by air? I can take more home goods with me If I travel by my vehicle.

  • I have already traveled to Canada by air on this PRTD without any problem. Please provide your insights, if possible.

    Thanks a lot for your time!