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PR Card Renewal Outside Canada 

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Posted On: 25 days ago
Posts: 2
Hello Everyone,
I have few questions regarding Canadian PR Card Renewal (2nd Renewal)

#1) I am spouse of a Canadian Citizen and Parent of Canadian Children living outside Canada accompanying Canadian Spouse / Children

#2) Due to Covid (Corona Restrictions) I cannot fly back to Canada just to apply for my PR Card Renewal which will expire in August 2021 (We are now in April 2021)

#3) I have filled the PR Card Renewal form with all supporting documents and mailed to Case Processing Centre (From outside Canada) for URGENT Processing

#4) Case Processing Centre received it on 22 March 2021

#5) Using CIC webform I have emailed CIC to check if they have received my application or not

#6) CIC Webform replied on 1st April 2021 with the following:

We have received your request for the urgent processing of your Permanent Resident card (PR card). However, we are unable to proceed at this time because your application is not in process yet.

You may verify the status of your application using the e-Client Application Status (e-CAS) online tool. Once your application is in process, you may ask for urgent processing by filling out the IRCC Web form and choosing Request urgent processing of renewal or replacement card and have already applied located in the drop down menu under the heading Enquiry.
We need approximately 30 days to complete the urgent processing of a PR card.

My Questions

#1) What do they mean by "Not in process yet"
Is there a waiting time period before they start processing ?

Is it same as the CIC processing time, as this is confusing
(which one is Processing Time (1) or (2) ? )
(1) you could have waiting time before they start processing the application
(2) once they start the processing of application the number of days required to finish it

#2) I have Photo taken outside canada as per the specifications and requirements
I mean photos for Passport renewal outside canada have almost same requirements like PR Card Photo Specifications
( Stamp address of the photo shop, name, date, etc...)

So is it required to have the photo taken inside canada or outside canada is ok if it as per the specifications

#3) Address given for application process
I have given the local address (Canadian Address) for application process

#4) As of today 14 April 2021 (application was received on 22 March 2021) e-CAS online tool or link application to my GCKEY account doesn't show any application.

Any thoughts ?