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Legal name change question 

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Posted On: 5/28/2021
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I have 2 passports to show within 5 years. The recent one showed my married name (is required in my country to assume spouse's last name). My government IDs in Canada are with my maiden name and I have no plans of changing them. I was married during my PR application. My question:

1. Would it create a conflict in my application if my surname on the passport is different from my Canadian government IDs?
2. Should I tick YES on the question if I had a legal name change when I just assumed my spouse's last name?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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Posted On: 6/17/2021
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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your question and situation with us.
According to Travel and Tourism Canada, to change your name on your passport you will need to:

  • Complete an adult application (PDF, 1.68 MB) form using the new name
  • If it’s still valid, return your passport with your application when you submit it
  • Provide supporting ID with your application that shows the name change
  • Provide your proof of citizenship
  • Provide a document that indicates one of the following:
    • you have a new last name because of a relationship change
    • you have a new name because of an adoption or legal name change
    and if you have assumed your married name:
    You need to apply for a new passport if you’re changing your last name due to a change in your relationship status. This could be a marriage, civil partnership or divorce. You’ll need to include all the required documents for a new application and pay the fees. The ID you provide with your application needs to show your new last name.
    You also need to include 1 or more of the following documents. They can be originals or copies:
    • marriage certificate
    • common-law relationship certificate
    • court order issued in or outside Canada, such as
      • separation agreement
      • divorce order or judgment
    • certificate to dissolve a registered common-law relationship
    • resumption of surname certificate
    These documents
    Assuming a partner's last name is not considered the same as a legal name change. There is a separate process for legal name changes, you can find more information on that process in the Settlement.Org article, how do I change my name after I get married?

    If you have assumed your married name, then you should submit your application for a new passport under that name. All you will need is the necessary supporting documentation. If you have any further questions, or would like advice specific to your situation, you may want to contact Passport Canada directly and submit a general inquiry.

    We hope this information is helpful!


    Your Settlement.Org team