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PR card renewal on hold or lost? 

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Posted On: 22 days ago
Posts: 2
Hello everyone,
My current PR card will expire in November. I applied for the renewal of the card in July. Back then, it said the processing time would be about 90-120 days, so I assumed this would be enough time. Since I still haven't heard back or received a confirmation letter that my application arrived, I tried to use the online tool to check the status of my application. It keeps on telling me that no application could be linked to the information I provided. I also called them, but they advised me that due to the Afghanistan crisis, they are not allowed to check the status of my application because all their efforts are going into applications from Afghanistan.
Now I am not even sure if my application arrived (unfortunately, I did not send it as registered mail).
It also says now that the processing time would be 133 days.
I have booked a flight to travel to Germany to visit my parents for Christmas. I am not sure if my PR card arrives on time.
I was told I could apply for PRTD, but I cannot find any information on processing times there either and need to be back by January 10 of 2022 for my job. Now I am worried that if I fly and rely on the PRTD application I cannot be back in time. But I also begin to doubt I will receive the PR card on time since they have apparently not even opened my application package.
Several questions:
1) It says on the homepage that the processing time begins once the application is received and complete. If my application still cannot be found in the online tool, dies this mean that they either have not received it at all or still have not opened the envelope? Would that mean my processing time has not even started yet? How can I find out if my application was received? Would it make sense to send another application asap with registered mail? Is it realistic that after two months they have not even opened the envelope or is it safe to say it got lost?
2) How can I find out hoe long it takes to receive the PRTD document? Will I be stuck in Germany for months if it does not arrive quickly? Also, it says in order to apply for the PRTD I need to provide my original passport and copies of all travel documents of the last 5 years (my current passport was renewed in 2017 and I do not have my old passport anymore or copies of it ... does that mean I cannot apply for PRTD?).
3) Is there any chance that I can re-enter Canada with an expired PR card when my renewal is in process?
Any other advise? Should I consider cancelling my flight?
Thanks in advance,