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Opinion/Advice on Property Maintenance 

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Posted On: 24 days ago
Posts: 1

I am writing to seek opinion/advice on property maintenance of acreage house being rented to tenants. I have following queries:

1. If the tenant has lived in the house for just 2-4 months, is it very likely that there will not be
potential damages to the property except normal wear and tear, which will also be rare and the house is very likely to be exactly in the same condition the way it was prior to renting?

2. If the tenant has lived in the house for just 2-4 months, is it very likely that the basement (though not used by the tenant and no one lives there) will not have major issues of maintenance including moisture accumulation that would need dehumidification daily?

3. Is it true that running two dehumidifiers every day would most probably be required in case of emergency flood situation only if there's flood in the basement?

4. Is using dehumidifier in the basement optional or is it mandatory to be used? Can the basement be still fine if dehumidifier is not used and especially when no one lives in the basement?

5. If dehumidifier is to be used, running it just once or twice a month is fine to get rid of any moisture problem if there is any? Or is it required to be run every day?

6. Under what circumstances, do you consider the basement to be in serious condition or emergency for moisture related issues that would require immediate attention?

7. How basement can be checked to monitor moisture if there's any app?

8. How frequently regular house inspection should be conducted? How frequently house needs to be maintained? How frequently the house needs to be inspected for damage?

Thanks & Regards,