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High school students need credential evaluation? 

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Posted On: 23 days ago
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Hello, I am a Canadian citizen, but I am finishing my high school education in another country. I'd like to ask some questions about enrolling or applying into a Canadian college. ( In Ontario )

1) My high school ends in mid-june, and the WES evaluation takes about a month to process, then give or take a couple weeks for figuring things out, and it is around August. Is this too late to enroll into colleges?

2) If I have enough time, then I will submit the application to ontariocolleges. If my grades arent up to the requirements, is there any way to improve them to meet them?

And in general, how do I improve my chances of enrolling into a college?

I think am not eligible to take the GED test in Ontario because I am 17 years of age. Will International GED tests be recognized as a document to colleges?

There might be a chance that I am asking the wrong questions due to lack of knowledge, if you know more about this, please tell me.

Thank you!