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2 IDS for marriage licence/wedding ceremony? 

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Posted On: 8/22/2023
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Hi There

I am out of town right now and will be back to toronto next month,I am going to get marry soon like end of september 2023,and it is critical for my fiancee has been wait since before pandemic and due to her job and current health condition is not easy to prospone any futrher.yet my family told me that they can no longer find my photo card it was lost,I need 2 IDS for my marriage licence all i got is my Canadian passport and Photo Card,just want to know is there anyway i can expedite the process in any way such as Send a request to the Office of the Registrar General
Certificate applications and urgent requests? and can i have my family help me to send the form or bring to Service Ontario with my original Signature and doc to back up? and i picked them up from you guys in office to prove my identity if needed.and how long will it takes either replace or renewal and can it be expedite?
if it is possible please provide me official letter or confirmation number for me to go through my wedding ceremony.

Or other option, can i use Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
(Ver.after 2012 ,paper certificate ,without photo,got everything
name,gender,DOB;or Record of Immigration Landing? Both Original,not

Urgent and Highly Concern

Thx Everyone
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Posted On: 29 days ago
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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your question and situation with us.

It may be best to contact ServiceOntario directly for some information and advice specific to your situation. You can find their contact information here:

According to Service Ontario on providing proof of emergency for an expedited marriage certificate:
To qualify for an emergency or expedited marriage certificate or for an expedited marriage search, the marriage must be registered in Ontario and you must provide proof of urgency along with your complete and correct applications forms and fee.
Proof of urgency may include:
  • documentation of a medical emergency
  • a letter confirming new employment
  • a letter from a consulate or embassy confirming an appointment
  • travel reservations including airline tickets, reservations or travel itinerary
  • a letter confirming an appointment for an immigration hearing
  • a wedding invitation, where the applicant is a party to the marriage
  • other situations subject to review
To submit an urgent request for a marriage certificate, you can:
  • Download and complete a Request for marriage certificate application
  • Complete and submit a Request for certificate services with payment (Download as PDF)
    • attach your completed Request for marriage certificate application to this request
    • attach your proof of urgency documents
    • attach your supporting documents (for example, court documents) if applicable
    • submit your payment

    We hope this information is helpful. Please follow up with us if you have any further questions.


    Your Settlement.Org team