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Online application for PR card renewal 

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Posted On: 26 days ago
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I applied for the renewal of my PR card online about 3 months ago and IRCC informed me that I have to resubmit my application due to a missing document. Almost 2 months passed till I was able to obtain the document, so my question is will I be able to upload the missing document on the same application and update anything else, or do I have to create an entire new application online.
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Posted On: 6 days ago
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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your question and situation with us.

We appreciate your interest in this information. For updates and information specific to your application status, it is best that you contact IRCC directly. The IRCC Client Support Centre can procide information specific to your application, you can reach them by phone (1-888-242-2100) or use their web form.

According to IRCC's article on confirming your permanent residence online:

Uploading and submitting photosIf we return your photo, you can resubmit a new photo into the portal. Make sure the new photo meets all the photo requirements listed in the portal before you upload a new one.
Reasons your photo may be returned
  • photos are too dark
  • background is not white
  • facial features not visible
  • glare on photo
  • measurements are not between 715x1000 and 2000x2800 pixels
  • file size is above 4MB
  • other reasons – see photo requirements for details
To submit a photo
  • make sure you’re in the Permanent Residence Confirmation tab at the top of the page
  • choose the “upload photo” button
  • your photo can be
    • a professional digital photo in JPEG or PNG format
    • a scanned professional photo (don’t take a picture of a paper photo with your digital camera or phone)
    • a selfie (as long as it meets the photo requirements – submitting an incorrect photo will delay your PR card)
  • follow the directions in the photo editor window to position and crop your photo
    • click the “apply” button to validate your photo
    • your photo will show in black & white
    • you can edit and replace your photo with another photo up until when you submit it
    • you don’t have to delete the previous photo to upload a new one (it automatically replaces the previous photo)
  • check the Declaration box and click “next” to upload your photo
    • if you get a warning message that your photo doesn’t meet the requirements but you want to submit it anyway, also check the Acknowledgement box and click “Next” to continue
  • press “submit documents” (once you do this, it can no longer be changed)

We hope this information is helpful. Please follow up with us if you have any further questions.


Your Settlement.Org team