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Problems with my Ontario Works Caseworker

i am on welfare and was living in toronto and i had to move from where i was to a safe place as the neighbors who resided above me were drug dealers and drug user and were continuously harassing me and threatening to me and continuously blocked my one and only exit so i could not leave my apartment and there would be no way out for me and my child in cases of emergency or any other time the police were called on several occasions and that had only made matters worse and the landlord would not do anything to help ....

it got to the point where the neighbors were now threatening mine and my child's life and the police told me i should move fast in order to keep my child and i safe.

So i moved to another city and i applied for my welfare to transfered to the office of the city i was moving to but i had problems in transfering my file the workers would not allow the transfer i faught it and faught it and got legal aid i won at that time but it was 2 months after moving that i was allowed to have my file transfered.

i then applied for moving allowance because i needed it to bring my things that i had in storage from toronto to where i am living now and i was denied because it was not in the first 30 days of moving to the city i am in now how can i apply for moving allowance when welfare refused to transfere my file for 2 months after my moving that is not my fault as to why i could not put in the a moving allowance application in the time they say i had to have done it so now my clothes and furniture sit in a storage locker in toronto and it is interfering with my child and mine life not having all the necesary things we need to live that we have in storage coz i could not afford on my own to bring it with me .

ever since this 1 case worker and elegibilty worker has been interfering with me continously suspending me , refusing my food allowance while being under suspensions and everything and she has been treating me like a criminal.

every time i talk to her i feel violated , worthless, left with lower self esteem than i had before talking to her.

she and they left me feeling degraded, lower than life. i am left with worrying how am i going to get diapers and food for my child coz i am being denied my food portion and rent portion, this is not fair it is dehumanizing , rediculous , its nice to know that these people have a right to torture and choose whom has to suffer and worry.

This is unfair and rude and dehumanizing being forced to lived well below the poverty belt because the workers made it their job to torture and single out an individual who needs help the most.

I know i am not the only single parent who has these problems with welfare and their workers and i think it is not right.
help me please ..