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Right to healthcare for pregnant women without PR


I am British and married to a Canadian citizen. We live in England at the moment but he is looking for a job in Canada. His field is very small, so we will take whatever comes, wherever it is. We have almost no choice in the matter of time or location, but we are hoping to move back to Canada sometime over the summer.

We are hoping to start a family soon, but I will not be covered for even basic healthcare in Canada until my PR papers arrive. If I got pregnant while in Canada but before my PR status was approved, would I be entitled to healthcare? Presumably the baby would be a Canadian citizen and thus entitled to first-class treatment, unlike its mother [;)]. Any advice much appreciated - we don't really want to have to wait for another year and a half before we start trying. I've tried to find advice on the CIC website but it seems to be hidden very well!