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OHIP under Implied Status - Questions

I am a temporary foreign worker, working since March 2010. Currently , I am on implied status, as such, my spouse.

My situation is as follows;

LMO filed on January 30 2013 followed by work permit extension on February 1 2013.

My OHIP expired on 2nd Feb 2013 as per Work Permit expiry date.

My spouse is pregnant and the expected delivery date is April 2, 2013.

Current processing times for work permit extensions are approximately 90 days, as such, there will be no coverage during this period.

Is a way to get a temporay OHIP during implied status through an appeal process to OHIP Eligibility Review Committee with supporting documents?

(Supporting documents such as a postive LMO, employmnet document etc along with a CIC consent from IMM5475E to authorize Ministry of health officer to contact CIC and obtain necessary proof of work permit application submission.)

I am aware that once OHIP coverage will be reinstated, medical expeneses could be reimbursed.

However, the hospital charges is unpredictable and it would go beyond OHIP charges.

I may not get all expenses incurred, it may go for many paper works and long wait time etc.

Appriciate your time and help on this.