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Basic Questions Before I submit the Application

I have couple of basic (may be stupid) questions before I apply for citizenship next week. I don't want to make any mistake at all that may result in delay so want to confirm these before I apply.

1) Required documents state copy of photo IDs, PR Card etc, so should I photocopy both sides of the same ID on same page or different pages?

2) They only ask for "Biographical page of Passport(s)/Travel Document(s)" so, what about the pages of the passport with the Exit and Entry stamps from Canada and other countries. I traveled out of country 4-5 times during last 4 years so I have all the stamps to prove my stay, should I include it anyways even if they didn't ask for it?

I attended part-time classes at a college during my stay here every semester so I will transcript from my college for "Educational Document requirement"

What additional documents should I submit other than what's required?

Thanks for the help.