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Post Secondary Assessment (The Netherlands)

Recently I have applied for a Secondary and Post Secondary Assessment Report at **** Canada. Before I send all my papers there I contacted them by phone if they could evaluate my diploma's that I obtained in The Netherlands for Police Officer and Ambulance Driver.
Today I did receive the Assessment by e-mail and they only evaluated my high school.
They did not even mentioned the other diploma's in my report.
I did ask them about this, and they replied:
" We can only assess formal academic education completed at appropriately recognized institutions. Reports do not include professional certification programs."

But to become a police officer in the Netherlands everybody has to follow this full time two year course. This is provided by the Government.
The same to become an ambulance driver. It's another course provided by the country, and even registered nurses have to follow their additional course here to be able to work on an ambulance.

Can somebody give some advise and or guidelines.
Is there somebody from The Netherlands that had credentials like this evaluated in Ontario?

Extra information, I have my Permanent Residency and are living in Ontario for almost two years.

Thanks a lot!!