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Parent Sponsorship Breakdown


I am a canadian citizen and I sponsored my parents and their dependent child back in 2009 and they became permanent residents in February 2014.

Initially they were living at my place but my brother started acting up and we soon realized that we can not have him live with us. We gave him a deadline to move out and he did so after having lived for two months with us.

We (me and my husband) told my parents that they did not have to move out with their son but they decided to go with him -- it is this mentality that the son will support the parents and they feel weak and intimidated by him.

My parents are also very insecure as to their future, so it is their belief that the son will care for them on an ongoing basis.

My brother is very abusive toward my parents, calling them names (especially mom) and yelling at them or emotionally blackmailing them. As such, he literally controls their decisions.

My brother works two jobs and he can sustain himself and his parents.... at the moment, that is. One of his jobs is of a more secure nature and he only earns around 1000 dollars/month there (household expenses of 1500) and the other job is of a seasonal nature that will likely not be there for the late fall/early winter until sometime in the spring. So he will need to use his savings wisely so that he has enough money to support himself at times of hardship.

The problem is that saving money is the last thing in his mind. He is looking to take 3 weeks vacation in August of this year and go back home for a total expenses of 3000 dollars, not to mention another 3000 on missed revenues.

So basically, he is blowing close to 6000 dollars and when he comes back he will have 0 money in his savings or checking and a roughly 2 more months of the seasonal job.

My concern here, as you can imagine, is that as soon as his income is reduced by more than in half he will no longer be able to support himself and his parents and will have two choices:

1) seek my help, or

2) go to Ontario Works for social assistance and then the government will come after me for repayment of his collection of public funds.

I understand I signed an agreement that I will support all three of them but so did they. The promised (my brother at least) that they will make efforts to support themselves.

Does blowing money on luxurious vacations qualify as "efforts made" to support oneself?

Wouldn't there be any repercussions to these actions?

I do not mind getting my parents back to my place and supporting them but what if they do not want to come and instead request that I pay for their rent and other basic requirements or threaten to go to welfare?

Do they have such an option provided I am willing to let them live at my place?

Please give some advise as I (we) are going through a very stressful time.

Thanks in advance

Parent Sponsorship Breakdown

Thanks for your insight.

As you mentioned, you are financially responsible for your parents and brother for 10 years from the date of landing. If they apply for social assistance and end up receiving it, you will be responsible for paying back any amounts given to them within the 10 year support period. If your brother is making enough money to support himself - but is blowing too much on luxury items, then he shouldn't qualify for welfare. Your parents' needs may be a different matter. Unfortunately it's probably in your best interest to either provide some support to your parents and brother until the ten years are up (to keep them off social assistance) - or somehow convince your parents to move back in with you. Good luck and sorry you're in this situation.