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Urgent PR Card Processing - How?

I first obtained my permanent residence on November 2007.

I went back to my country on January 2009.

Due to medical grounds, I could not come back until this past June 2014.

I applied to retain my residence under humanitarian reasons, in the Canadian Embassy of my country, and it was approved.

It was stamped in my passport and now I need to ask for the card.

I have read that it takes around 119 days for me to obtain the card and I really have an emergency.

My emergency has nothing to do with traveling back to my country, but it has to do with my medical condition.

I need to have an urgent medical checkup, but they will not renew my OHIP card if I do not have my permanent residence card.

Do you know if there is a way to get my permanent residence card sooner then 119 days?

Do you think there is a way I can have a medical checkup without having my permanent residence card with me only using the stamp in my passport?

I have a huge travel walking. During this past years I had three spine surgeries and two hip surgeries, that is why I do need an urgent checkup in order for me to be set to find a job.

I thank you for your kind assistance.
Are there any On-Line Jobs Anywhere?

I have some difficulties with walking, therefore I am very much interested in finding a job that I could do on-line from my home.

Does anyone know if there are this type of jobs?

I thank you for the information you can provide me.

I am a permanent resident.