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Landlord not Refunding Deposit

I live in winnipeg and recently my LL asked me to move out because she wants her bf to move in .

So I was only given until the end of august to move out but by the law of manitoba she is meant to give me at least 3 months notice.

thats isn't really the issue because I've gotten a place to live now. My issue here is with the damage deposit.

So I am accused by LL that I left a scratch on her glass cook top so she wouldn't refund my money.

When I went to check the cook top there was really no scratch and so I asked her about it.

Her reply was that she polished it but it would wear off that's why I can't see the scratch. Okay?!

She told me she has to replace the cook top due to the invisible scratch.

I looked up manitoba law and apparently appliances wear and tear is the responsible of LL.

So do I still have to pay her for the invisible scratch. Secondly according to manitoba law landlord is responsible for the moving cost of tenant since the unit is being used for own purposes.

When I asked her about it sshe didn't say nothing about it. Please any suggestions here on what to do.

When I moved in she said rent includes cable in my room but I ve been here for 6 months and there is still no cable in the room and I didn't even complain about it asking for refund.