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Roommate Listed as Tenant but never signed Lease


I rent an apartment with a roommate in Ontario. We went through the application process together, so his name is listed on the lease as a tenant, but I moved in a month before he did and signed the lease, whereas he never signed it when he moved in.

We don't get along and he can be very hostile and verbally abusive. It is a very uncomfortable living situation, and I've asked him to leave but he refuses.

The rent comes directly out of my bank account every month, and the deposits are all on my own personal checks. The utilities are also billed to me. He pays me his half in cash every month.

What I am asking is if it's within my rights to kick him out, seeing as I am the only one who actually signed the lease. Or does his name being on it count as enough? Also, if I start to kick him out is it possible for him to just go to our landlord and add his signature to the lease?
Thank you