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Long Lost PR


Way back in 2002 I settled in Canada via marriage.

Other things had plans for me back 'home' and I left Canada in 2003 after obtaining my PR late the previous year and the new at the time PR card planning to return and complete my residency with the path to citizenship but alas this did not happen.

My card expired in 2008 and I had in no way met my obligations of time spent in Canada and I did not pursue it further.

Since that time I have visited Canada twice as a tourist, knowing that my PR was a lost cause so just enjoyed a holiday or two instead.

I also entered Canada on a now new passport as the previous one used during my PR time has expired.

Nothing has changed and nothing has happened.

Roll forward to 2014.

My wife is currently seeking to study her Masters Degrees in Ontario at one of three very recognisable institutions but my question is although I’d be eligible for a work visa based my wife’s application and acceptance, do I need to follow some procedure such as relinquishing my PR from way back when, in order to not run into any hiccups at port of entry or application?

Thank you in advance of any help received.