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Applicant Changed Mind About Moving In - Questions

In my living situation a renter would share a bathroom and kitchen therefore the Residential Tenancies Act does not apply. I have to appear before the rental tribunal next week and am wondering if they are likely to hear the case or dismiss.
Girl wants to rent room for four months starting Sept 1 and sends deposit. Also says it is ok if not
Girl changes mind August 24 and wonders if she can get deposit back
I say no....unless SHE finds me a replacement. She agrees.
I bust my butt to find a replacement
Renter changes mind and wants to move in
I explain room is rented
She demands her money back; I remind her of the agreement
She claims she did not give notice and was just testing the waters
Renter filed with rental tribunal but did not give all facts
I tried calling tribunal to tell them this was not their jurisdiction but I must appear in person to explain

I am hoping it gets rejected but I am sure tenant will then go to small claims court.