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Noise Complaint

Here is my current situation:

I recently moved into a 2 bedroom apartment in the building next to where I'd been living, both owned by the same management company. We have a 30 lb dog, and a 20 lb 11 month old daughter. Nothing has changed since we moved in September 2014 (2 months ago) and we had no complaints there.

Today we received a notice from management that a noise complaint had been filed against us for noise relating to "a child and dog running about" in my apartment. The notice is basically giving us one week to get carpets for the "high traffic and child's play areas".

The only real high traffic area in our apartment is the hallway in which we do have a carpet. We don't really reside in any particular areas.

Our dog gets excited once in a while in which she will run around the living room a bit, but this is in no way a constant thing. Her behaviour has not changed from what it was in the other building.

Our daughter, as I said is 20 lbs and 11 months old, she is not yet walking, therefore definitely not"running about" anywhere. Often when she is awake, she is in her high chair watching tv, playing in her play pen or being held by someone. She is not often on the floor. She is crawling but I cannot see her crawling causing such an uproar to warrant a noise complaint.

My question is: can I be forced to carpet my apartment?