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Questions About Paying Hydro

just need help help with a few questions

when i recently signed my lease for my apartment i agreed into paying hydro. there was no clarification really on any aspect of it; they just told me the average was around 50-60 a month. i have just come to discover that we are not individually metered. they have it based on a 3 floor system and divide it among the tenants. so i guess my question is

is it legal to make me pay for someone elses hydro? shouldnt i only have to pay for what i use and not a even share of a bunch of people?

im really conservative on what i use and my bill seems to be to high for what im using.

also i had to open an account with the hydro company obviously when i sgined my lease. im being told that im only allowed to use the one they provide. i have found a few that offer better rates so if its my account am i allowed to pick the company of my choosing?

thanks for any help!