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Subsidized Housing and Sponsor Obligations


I am in a unique and weird situation. I am a Canadian citizen and I sponsored my mother to Canada 2 years ago. Since moving here permanently, she's become a different person. She treats us badly, talks down to us and has been causing a lot of stress and anxiety. We pursued family counseling and were told that it would be best for all of us if we didn't live together since it was making everyone miserable.

So we offered her the choice of returning to our home country or the option to rent her a room here (which would be a significant financial hardship for us). She has refused both these options. Living in the same house is not an option at all.

My mother consulted with some case worker at a settlement agency and was told she could get subsidized housing. We've had major arguments about this because I believe I will have to pay the government market rate for her subsidized apartment which I cannot afford at all. And she says I won't have to pay anything because she is not on OW or ODSP.

So my question is this - what is my obligation under the Sponsorship Agreement if my mother accesses social housing? I don't want to be on the line for 800 bucks a month in rent if I can rent her a room for 400. We still have 8 more years to go before her undertaking expires.