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Amend Birth Certificate for Adopted Step-Daughter

My step-daughter was born outside of Canada, in a country where it is extremely difficult and time consuming to deal with the bureaucracy.

We have been resident in Canada for the last 3 years, I am a Canadian citzens and my wife and daughter are in the process of applying for perm. residency.

We expect to have the adoption completed here in toronto in the comming months. I understand that if she had been born here in ontario, the judge would issue instructions to the registrar for a new birth certificate to be issued which would include her new chosen name and list me as her father.

However as she was born outside of Ontario, according to a service ontario reprensentative that I called, they determined that nothing further could be done for her, I suggested that i would need to apply for a new birth cerfitiate from the country where she was born. Which as I mentioned earlier is not feasible- especially as we are no longer resident there.

Apart from the judge's final adoption court order, is there any other documentation that the province could provide as proof of our familial tie?

I have seen mention elsewhere on the site of a Governent of Ontario form for children to apply for a name change, but as I have a court order stating my daughter's new name is there any advantage to having this additional document?

Lastly, would having a foreign birth certifcate which lists her mother's name and no father and her soon to be former name coupled with the adoption order present any problems for her in the future in applying / renewing her passport and prooving her identity when required?