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Assistance Available?- Returning to High School


i dont know if i am at the right department or if you can help if not would you happen to know someone that could if so please let me know when you reply.

hello  i am a 26 year old female i was unable to go to high school due to medical reasons but i am wanting to enroll in an online high school diploma school but i am on odsp

and i was wondering if you guys help with the tuition for online high school for adults,

if not do you know of anyone that does help with tuition or give loans or grants for adults enrolling in online schooling for high school diploma if not do you know if anyone helps with adult on ODSP with tuition for online high school diploma weather its a grant a loan or anything else

any type of help or do you know who i can contact for help?

hope to hear from you soon bye for now oh

an it would have to be someone that helps for canadians as i live in ontario, also yesterday I was told by a odsp worker but it wasnt my worker i was just dropping a paper off and i asked if odsp helps pay for adult to return to high school or online high school and she said they do i asked because i am wanting to enroll in an online high school diploma program do you know how it works and how much they give also does odsp help with school supplies because i will need a lap top to do the online high school if they dont can you use your start up benefit for a laptop?

i have been on odsp for like 4-5 years and have never used the start up benefit any help would be greatly appreciated