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Options for Low Income Senior


I am hoping someone can tell me if there are any options for a Low Income Senior; my mother in this case, she is 75 years old and doesn't qualify for Old Pension Plan because she became a landed immigrant in 2012 (less than 10 years ago), her monthly income is $250.

I found out that there was an option for her to apply to ODSP since she's older than 65 and doesn't qualify for OPP, but since my brother sponsored her to come to Canada, they told us that for 10 years he is responsible to provide her with everything and that if she goes into ODSP everything the government gives her, he will have to pay at the end as a sponsorship debt.

She lived with him and his family for a few years but now she lives with me, we rent a small house, the relationship between her and my brother is good, she just chose to move out.

I am not in a great position financially, however I try to support her in every way I can, but it is possible that I will have to move away for work and she wouldn't be able to support herself.

I was wondering if there was any other option she could apply to for support.

Any information is greatly appreciated.