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Change in Name in PR Card after Updating Passport


I am an Indian Passport holder staying in Canada on PR. My old Indian passport didn't have surname and the full name was printed in Given name field. When I applied for Canadian PR, I used the information as per Indian passport and now my PR Card, COPR , SIN has the name in same format.

My passport was expiring and recently I renewed it in India and used the option to split my first name and last name (provided an affidavit and local newspaper ad to India Passsport office as supporting documents). Now, the problem is my PR Card and Passport names don't match. This is causing problem at the airport (both Canada and US), where the Kiosk machine can't scan my PR card. Immigration officer told me that this is due to the fact that my new passport has surname field while my PR card has the entire name in surname field.

Searching on the internet and CIC website, I found that I have to apply for PR Card Renewal. But my question is do I need to get a legal name change document from Service Canada as well or my Indian passport will be enough? Technically my name is still the same, its just that my surname was in the given name field in my old passport.

CIC Website says the following. :-

Submit any of these documents issued by a civil authority in a province or territory of Canada:

  • a copy of a legal change of name document, court order, adoption order, or
  • one of the following documents (unless you were married in Quebec on or after April 2, 1981 and are now a resident of this province). The document must show your new name:
    • a marriage certificate;
    • divorce decree;
    • registration;
    • declaration of union;
    • revocation of declaration or annulment of union.
If you are a permanent resident and changed your name outside of Canada, submit:

  • a foreign passport or other national authoritative document that shows your new name; and
  • an official document linking the old and new names.