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Inquiry about WES

Hello Ruchika and devang274,

I have done my Graduation from EIILM University in 2010, but rumors have it that EIILM University is fake and it is not functioning since 2014, is that right?

And I also agree to Ruchika, I have also confronted the same problem (EIILM is not listed in WES or WES does not do an evaluation for EIILM), the question is how can we make it happen?
Do we have to personally go to University Campus in Jorethang (Sikkim)?

Brother, please help me out to get things right and put some light on IQAS.?
Please contact me on contact details below, or you can look for my details in google.

Please contact me if you have any information, Your help will make my journey less circuitous to Canada PR.
Please don't ignore my situation or hesitate to contact me.
After months of search on the internet, I finally found you two with the same context of the situation who could help me.

Professionally I am a Computer Programmer at FIS Global (Mohali, Punjab)
Click here to search me on linkedIn.
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