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Is this sufficient Notice of Entry?

I got a phone call at work from my boyfriend telling me that he had just sent away people who had apparently come to check our smoke alarms, something that happens often enough in our apartment complex in Oshawa.
We have been living in the complex for almost 4 years now and always received a letter on our door about such entry. This time the superintendent apparently posted a flyer in the lobby of the building mentioning the testing throughout the day for everyone in the building simply saying it would be happening between 8am and 8pm.
We had not seen this flyer and do not know how long it has been up but refused to let them enter as we have foster dogs who are not tolerant of strangers and we had not anticipated anyone entering so were not prepared and have had them try to do something similar in the past and do not want them to think it is appropriate.
Are we right to refuse them entry or was their posting the 'notice' on a random wall in the lobby enough notice?

Is posting a notice of entry in the lobby of a building an adequate way of giving notice?