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How Can I Renew My Work Permit? - Refugee


I am a refugee in the process of getting my PR. I have realized my work permit expired earlier this month, I forgot to extend it. Few questions:

1) I am still working at my job. Should I quit the job I have now as I am not allowed to work until I get a new work permit? I read somewhere about having 90 days to apply again I think.

2) Is there a difference process for a refugee when applying for work permits than other people? As I keep trying to open a new work permit application on the canada immigration website but it keeps redirecting me back to "my applications" homepage, where I can see my other applications but I can't make a new one. The new work permit paper or online always makes the assumption that you aren't a refugee applying. Refugees have a different standard from what I read but I could be wrong.

3) Should I just apply for a new work permit in paper form? Am I doing anything wrong that would be illegal?

4) Which organization can I contact in Toronto/scarborough so I can ask my question to ensure it is legal.

Thank you for your help.