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License Taken Away Because I Moved

I have somewhat of a unique situation here. I'll try to keep it short as possible.

I had my SGI license taken away many yrs ago, and about 3 yrs ago, I was able to get it back.

As a result of my DUI'S from, like I said, many years ago, I had about $4,000 in fines to pay off, fair enough. SGI put me on their monthly payment plan, which I've been paying off a bit each month. I am now down to $3000 owing.

I moved to MB, and went to MPI to get my license transferred over from Sask to MB, which I do have a job in MB that requires me to have a license. They weren't able to transfer my license over, as SGI has informed me they put some kind of 'Seal on my license, where I can only drive in Sask. until this fine is FULLY paid.

They will not permit me to drive anywhere else in Canada, until the remaining $ is paid off. Without warning, they cancelled my Sask license yesterday when I called, and they informed me I can no longer be on their payment plan as I do not live there anymore. Since my job in MB requires me to have a driver's license, they took that away for me.

How am I supposed to provide for myself now?

My question is, can they legally prevent me from working to provide for myself and get this fine paid?

Seems to me they cannot.

Any kind of answer would be appreciated, thank-you!