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Processing time of PRTD on H&C ground

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had a PR Visa for Canada which was issued on Date: 16/01/2013 and valid till date: February 2018. My application details are:

I arrived in Canada on date: 16 January 2013 with a dream and aim to settle down with my husband who is a co-applicant.

During our stay in Canada we applied and received Social Insurance Number (SIN), opened our bank account and got our Credit card, enrollment in New comer’s YMCA program. We took National Dental Examination Board (Step 1 – Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge) held in first week of February, which is initial step to get license to work as a Dentist in Canada.

Subsequent step of Licensure examination was to be held in month of June-July. So we wanted to utilize this free time to fulfill certain social responsibilities in India. And also decided that I will return and appear for Step 2 and 3 (Assessment of Clinical Skills and Assessment of Clinical Judgment) and my better half will join subsequent to winding up everything and fulfilling social duties - for instance: marriage of his younger sister, doing plan of his parents, etc.

But unfortunately, my husband passed and I failed it. So this result had disturbed our figuring and we have to reconsider our further procedures as re-appearing for Step - 1 was one year from now in February 2014.

During our stay in India some fortunate and many unfortunate events took place which forces us to stay longer:

Death of my mother in law – Date: 02 December 2013

This increased our social responsibilities, taking care of my father-in-law, my sister-in-law. My father-in-law become very ill. We conducted my sister-in-law’s marriage on 19-Jan-2014 as we had promised my mother-in-law.

My father-in-law’s health keep deteriorating, he developed severe allergies and multiple times we had to rush him to emergency room.

After that we needed to stay for my younger brother's wedding function –Date: 10 February 2014

Meanwhile we started making all necessary arrangements for my father in-law but his health problem continues to rise and he developed severe allergies like condition to unknown substances. During such kind of episodes we had to rush to emergency room for immediate medical assistance. In such condition we could not leave him alone as he needed medical and emotional support.

• During this period I was blessed with son – Date: 09 May 2015

In fact we planned to move to Canada after the birth of my son as we had sufficient time according to immigration rules but we had to complete his vaccination program according to health department’s guidelines. We had also got visitor visa (Date: 29/1/16 to 24/7/16) for my son which was single entry visa keeping in mind that we will apply for his PR visa. We had applied for my father in law’s multiple entry visitor visa for Canada.

But again faith was not in our favour:

My Grandfather died on 19-Aug-2015, my father died 22-July-2016.

So my entire family was disturbed and we had to stay to make necessary arrangements for my family as we are the most elder couple of both the families.

We had applied second time for my son’s multiple entry visitor visa (date: 22/8/2017)

Meanwhile in july 2017 my father in-law had suffered from Chikangunia (Viral fever spreaded by mosquitoes) which was epidemic in our region. This viral fever has very serious during and after systemic complications especially Arthritis affecting almost all the joints of body known as Post viral arthritis. And my father in-law was more severely affected. For him, we had to consult many specialists to get rid of Chikanguniya. But unfortunately his post viral arthritis was converted into Rheumatoid Arthritis which needed medical attention. He became almost disease free after a yearlong treatment.

Amid this time I was pregnant for second time and brought forth my second youngster on 30 August 2018

During all this time our goal was always to go to Canada but unfortunately we couldn’t move away from our social responsibilities.

As industrial revolution is going on here, there is huge pollution influencing wellbeing of my family members. My elder child has suffered Pneumonia because of this contamination despite the fact that he has been vaccinated for that. So strength of my kids is straightforwardly influenced by any negative choice.

My elder child is currently of school going age (4 years old), so on the off chance that we are permitted to enter and remain in Canada, my children will experience childhood in Canadian culture which would be useful to both of my children to satisfy expectations and dreams for future life.

I have proof of events whenever possible.

So What would be my chances to getting PRTD on H&C ground. What would be processing time if I apply for PRTD? Should I apply for new application?

Please guide me in this matter.

Thank you.