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International Drivers' Licence

My husband recently moved to Ontario from Europe.

He has had a drivers licence and been driving for over 20 years.

There is no Licence exchange agreement for his country so he needs to do his written test (G1) and can book for his road test (G; he can skip G2) after he has passed his G1. He is presently allowed to drive on his international drivers licence.

However, the person at the drive test centre told him that once he has his G1 he can no longer drive on his international drivers licence until he has passed his road test. I have never heard this before. I was in the same situation when I moved to Ontario 20 years ago and wasn't aware of any such rule and simply kept driving on my International Drivers Licence in between passing my G1 and G2.

My husband is not able to book his road test until he has passed his G1 and sometimes they have to wait for a month and a half before there is an opening to do the road test (otherwise we could book the road test and do the G1 just a few days before the road test to minimize the time he isn't allowed to drive).

How do people go to work etc. in the meantime if this is true?

It really doesn't make any sense.

I have been looking everywhere on but it doesn't say on the website at all that your international drivers licence expires/ is invalid once you have done your written test/ passed your G1.

That is only for people who hold no previous drivers licence.

It simply states that you are allowed to drive on your international drivers licence for 90 days but have to get your Ontario licence within that time.

I think the lady is wrong but would like to see it written somewhere as we don't want to get into trouble?!