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Moving in with my Partner

My partner and I have a very unusual situation, we currently live in the same building however in different apartments. While this living situation has served us well for many years the cost associated is not ideal. We have discussed moving into one apartment where my partner will give notice and ultimately move into my apartment. We have had the discussion with the current super, however the process of us giving up one apartment so my partner can move into my apartment seems off to me.

The process is as follows:
-partner will need to fill out an application to transfer apartments
-partner will need to fill out an application for residency to be added to my lease as a new tenant

It has also been told that the chances of the property management company agreeing to this new arrangement slim to none.

there are no provisions in mine nor my partners that we are not allowed to have roommates, guests for extended periods of time nor our partners move in.

I am not sure whether either application is legal nor necessary
Any advice would be appreciated.