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Applying for jobs while on implied status

Just to be clear, I am not asking if I am eligible to apply for jobs while on implied status. I understand that I am eligible to continue working while on implied status and I have an open work permit so I can get a job with a new employer with no issue.

The issue is that I only sent my PR application a few weeks ago and I've just found out that there's a strong chance that my employer will not renew my contract past the end of April. Obviously I would like to look a for a new job before then. My question is about how to deal with the fact that I am on implied status in job applications. It seems like potential employers would be hesitant about hiring someone for a permanent job if their right to work in the country is dependent on a PR application which has not yet been approved. I am very confident that my PR application will be approved (I am being sponsored by my common-law partner; we meet all the requirements and we provided plenty of evidence that our relationship is genuine). But from a potential employer's perspective I could have my application refused at any time and lose my right to work in Canada.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with applying for jobs while on implied status? How did you broach the topic with potential employers? Is this something I should mention in a cover letter or during an interview? How did employers react to this information?

Hope someone can help me with this! Thanks in advance!