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Legal to hire FT then not giving any shifts?


I got hired by an agency for a temporary FT job at the hospital; the second day, they gave me my schedule until July 3rd. Unfortunately, the third day they told me to stay home, and the,y will contact me as they have a problem with the RH.
They never called me to update me about the situation.
So I contacted the agency who hired, they told me the hospital put on hold all the temporary FT job. I found out that the reason is that some permanent employees complained that we are stealing their jobs and getting better pay than them. That is a misunderstanding as the hospital asked the agency to hired ten people to help for two months only.

Now I don't have any hours, the hospital doesn't give an answer to the agency or me about if they need me anymore or not and I don't have any income.

Is it legal to hired for FT and 3 days after not giving you hours neither answers about what they plan to do?

What can I do? Because all I want is a job as everybody I need to pay my bills and through this pandemic, jobs are hard to find. Plus, with my employment status, I m not eligible for anything If I quit the job anyway.