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Employment Insurance


I been moved into Canada Jun 2008 and working full time(salaried) since then until now...With Current situation I been asked for take short working hours until August ( 1 week off each month).

From what I read on EI I should have enough insurance hours worked(52 weeks), however I am not sure about as whether I can use EI benefits for one week for next 3 months? Can someone guide me on this? I been getting mixed advises and not sure I understood things fully from EI Website.

My HR says best ways to handle is using my vacation time but my manager says I am likely eligible for EI benefits so I can use vacation days when really needed....

Can some one have experience in EI claims please help me to understand this. Am I eligible to use EI benefits for 7 days each month for next three months? if so what I supposed to get from My HR to avail this. Please Advise. much Appreciated.