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Services for Those with Physical Disabilities

hello i am sorry i have no where else to go i came across this forum. i am struggling to help my father with ALS in home modification . i am having difficulty picking him and carting him to shower and washroom . i have been stock at the march of dime application can not get 2 quote for same project to get different contractors. i do not have the fund to help him modify the house. our house is older house can not put in ramps inside the house that ALS canada has provided they are very long and metal and unsafe and heavy. stair lift chair is very hard to use as still we can not pick him up . he is on wheelchair only and can not move his hand and leg

please i am not sure where else or what else to do. all i know me and my mom are struggling daily. i have called #211 left message for Niagara region ,

not sure what else i am suppose to do . i understand due to Covid 19 resources are limited but please i am also loosing my health and need to care for my own health after brain Cancer. if i leave my Dad no one else will be able to help. i am hoping at least he can use wheelchair to get to washroom and shower and in and out the house.

thank you for taking the time to read my message
i am sorry for the rant
Mehrshad Riazati