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How can I find help with housing in the GTA?

I am a single mother of one and is looking for a place to live. I started school in January of 2020 for hairstyling while working at Walmart. Unfortunately due to my accident in the year of 2019, I wasn't able to continue to work so I had to leave the job. Furthermore, with the whole Covid-19 pandemic, my studies were affected, and my end date was extended by another 2 months. Being in school from 9-5 is impossible to get a job to work cause many store are close early. Moreover, its impossible to work night shift because it just me and my daughter. Due to this situation it is hard to find a place knowing that I dont have a job. Also keep in mind, I start a part time apprenticeship job as a hairstylist to achieve my hours so I can become a entrepreneur in the future. I work only on Saturdays and still isn't enough to help me find a place. I am currently confused about how to go about finding a place for me and my daughter to live. Our living situation isn't the best thing and it is heart breaking knowing how difficult it is in finding a place. I hope I can get some advice on a few was of how I can go about finding a place to live . I am currently living in Brampton Ontario and looking for a place outside to live outside of Brampton along with Toronto.