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Foreign Driving License exchange

I am an Indian Citizen, currently leaving in Singapore for over 5 years. My ICT visa application is in process. I would like to understand on how I can get a Driving license in Canada once I relocate. I have already gone online on the options for exchanging a foreign license with an Ontario license. Below is my situation.

- My Indian Driving license which I have had since 1999 has expired in 2019. Given the Covid situation, I have not been able to go to India to renew at and there seems to be no online option to renew it as well.

- I have had a Singapore Driving license since 2017 and is valid till 2022. Am I allowed to use this license / experience credits for the exchange process?

- If I can use the Singapore Driving license, do I still need a written confirmation letter. I am not sure if I am eligible to get that or if that is only provided to Singaporean citizens.

Looking for your advice here.