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Landlord overcharging for Washers and Dryers

My sisters landlord recently increased the charge for the washers and dryers in her building.
They were $2.50 for a washer and $0.25 per 10 minutes. They are now $10.00 per wash and
$10.00 per dryer.

I cannot believe that that is legal. There are seniors in the building that (a) don't drive, and
(b) there are no laundromats near them even if they can carry their clothes.

What can be done about this. He is a new landlord and has been trying to get longer term
tenants to move so that he can raise the rent. The method behind his madness with the
laundry could be that he wants to add more apartments in the basement and, if no one is
using the laundry, he may be able to close it up and make another apartment. This man
has been nothing but greedy since he took possession of the building.