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Marrying a foreigner and permanent residency

Good Day:

If I marry a foreigner in Ontario while she is visiting me and sponsor her for permanent residency afterwards, can she wait for her permanent residency in Canada or will she have to return to her home country and wait there until the permanent residency is approved?

I am a Canadian citizen and my fiancee is a South Korean citizen. We met in South Korea in 2014 when I used to work there and have been in a relationship since that time (in person while I was in Korea and long distance since moving back to Canada).

I know South Korean citizens do not need a separate visitors visa to come here and visit and they can stay for 6 months at a time, so we plan to get married here in Ontario once Covid restrictions are lifted and she can come to visit.

After getting married, will she have to return to South Korea while I sponsor her permanent residency, or is there a way that she can stay in Canada while she waits (i.e., I apply for another visa to extend her visit, etc.)?

Thank you in advance for your advice.