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Can I separate myself on the lease from roommate?

My roommate is a few months backed up on rent (5K is owed, we've paid over 100K in rent since we moved in). He's a good guy and wants to help, but the landlord's lawyer is saying there is no way for us to separate our names from the lease. Our rent gets taken out individually each month so it would be very easy to prove I've never missed a payment. I want to seperate myself from him (he's willing to sign anything to help with this) altogether and give my notice to move out. I really do not want to go to collections or have a debt over my head that is not debt I've incurred. We have a court hearing on Wednesday and I'd like to think the judge would agree with us instead of the landlord's lawyer. I don't want to sign my name on a payment plan and make myself liable for those payments, but the lawyer is claiming I have to. Thanks in advance for any help.