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Sponsoring my father

I have been invited to sponsor my father. I will be sponsor only him to come to Canada.
As part of my father application, he needs to include his dependants: divorced spouse (even if separated, who is my mother) and dependent child. My father and mother have been divorced for 15 years, and therefore, my mother will not be accompanying my father to come to Canada.
My father has a dependant child who will not be accompanying him to come to Canada. The dependant child's mother is not my mother and she was a past relationship of my father. The dependent child's mother was never married to my father.
1. Could you please advise if I (as his sponsor) would be also financially responsible for my mother (divorced spouse of my father) and his dependant child even if the child is not coming to Canada?.
2. Does my father need to include the dependent child's mother in the application? If yes, will I also be responsible for the dependent child's mother even if she is not coming to Canada?
3. If the answers to the question above are NO, then. I understand that my father can sponsor his dependent child once he becomes PR and meets the requirement. Since my father will sponsor his child, would my father be financially responsible for his child or would I be financially resposible for his child?

Your guidance and clarification is greatly appreciated. Thanks