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RC-1 category permanent resident on PRTD

My family and I received approval of our Permanent Residency Travel Document, RC-1 category as permanent residents, with one entry permitted, valid until 21/03/2022 on .We are being considered under the Humanitarian and Compassionate we left Canada from 2009.

We are very pleased with the news of getting approval but I have some concerns I would like to address.

I have two sons who are currently studying Medicine at a University in Home country .One of my sons is in fifth year and my other son is in second year.

My questions and concerns are:

1. After we arrive in Canada, we would like to apply for renewal of our Permanent Residency. Will we be able to apply directly or will we have to wait for two years?
2. Do we need to apply on separate sheets clarifying Humanitarian and Compassionate circumstances which had been applied for previously in the Canadian embassy in home country?
3. As my children are still studying in university, and they are unable to miss an extended period of time, once they arrive in Canada, can they leave back to home again to finish their schooling?
4. Will someone be able to receive their permanent residency cards on their behalf after the 137 day waiting period as per the Government of Canada website?
5. If my sons are unable to travel back to Home country again to study, what are the other options for them?